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Green homes

prefabricated in wood, modern, eco-sustainable

New Energy Italia, the turnkey service for your green home

The partnership between New Energy Italia and Estia House was born from the great competence and excellence demonstrated in the field of wooden constructions.

Estia House represents the union between Estonia's decades of experience in the construction of wooden buildings and the high professionalism of a group of experts operating in Italy.

Their state-of-the-art factories, equipped with CNC numerical control machinery, and careful and specialized management promote the highest product quality, at a European level. If you need customized homes with high energy performance, we can offer you consultancy that goes from the design phase to finishing.

Trust only expert Italian companies for installation and be ready to discover the infinite possibilities that wood offers you.

Do you want to build a house, a gym, an office, a condominium?

No problem, thanks to Estia House we can offer the right solution for you.

Contact us today and set your project in motion.

Construction technologies


Houses made of beams

X-Lam houses

Frame houses

The components produced with X-Lam technology are wooden panels made of crossed fibres. This type of construction guarantees great stability and excellent load resistance. The wooden layers are glued so that the fiber of each layer intersects with that of the upper layer and that of the lower layer. The entire process ensures rigidity and stability of the material.

Houses made of prefabricated frame elements (or platform frames) represent a modern solution when it comes to wooden constructions. This production technique allows to obtain an excellent result both in terms of thermal insulation and extreme resistance in case of seismic events. Frame prefabrication is now the most used technology in civil construction, as over the years it has proven to be decidedly durable, as well as eco-sustainable.

The beam construction system (also referred to by the German term Blockhaus) consists of linear elements of conifer wood arranged horizontally and overlapping each other to form a wall. The elements can be solid wood trunks without bark, or squared elements (made using sawdust or produced using glued wood, as happens with laminated wood). The trunks are shaped in the lower and upper part, so as to increase the friction component and guarantee greater lateral stability.

Some of the houses built by Estia in Italy

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